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Firearm Accessories & Hydro-Dipping Services Based in Youngstown, Ohio

Tactical Firearms is your Web-based gun shop when it comes to gearing up for less. Complete your gun purchase with durable firearm accessories and professional hydro-dipping services from our online store based in Youngstown, Ohio.


Firearm Accessories

Owning a pistol or another firearm is better with our wide range of firearm accessories. We have scopes, reloading equipment, and ammunition for a wide range of guns. Our accessories are perfect for all kinds of handguns, including .22 calibers, .38 calibers, .357 calibers, 9 millimeters, .40 calibers, .45 calibers,
and .50 calibers.

Handgun, Firearm Accessories in Youngstown, OH

Hydro-Dipping Services

We work with a New York company called Tarjac® for our hydro-dipping services. Send your gun to our online shop so that we can ship it to Tarjac to be dipped. This process adds 113 different patterns to your gun, making it unique and more personalized.

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