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Shotguns, Handguns, & Rifles for Sale Based in Youngstown, Ohio

You don't have to empty your wallet for top-tier firearms when you buy from Tactical Firearms. Set your sights on quality rifles, handguns, and shotguns for sale from our Youngstown, Ohio, store. Our online gun shop carries the guns you need at the prices you want to pay!



We currently sell lever-, bolt-, and pump-action rifles from four different vendors, but we have access to almost any kind of rifle you'd like to purchase. Some of the big names we carry include Colt®, Bushmaster®, Remington®,
and DPMS®.

Gun, Handguns in Youngstown, OH

Semi-Automatic Sporting Rifles

These semi-automatic weapons include AK-47s, AR-15s, and M4s. We sell all kinds of semi-auto sporting rifles, even sniper rifles from Barrett®, to meet your needs. Don't worry if you're out of state because we sell through an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer in your state. We ship your order to this dealer so that you can conveniently pick it up.



Defend your home with any of our single-pump or double-barrel shotguns from Remington, Winchester®, H&R®, and other brands. Single-barrel pumps hold five shells and work by continuously pumping the guns. Double-barrel pumps hold up to seven shells and shoot two shells at once.



Feel better about your personal protection with one of our several handguns for sale. We have everything from revolvers to semi-automatic handguns from Ruger®, Beretta®, Bersa®, Browning®, Colt, Smith & Wesson®, and Glock®. Take your pick from many calibers, including .22 to .50, to suit your needs.

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